About Me

I am a proud graduate of the Guild for Structural Integration, a school founded by several of Dr. Ida Rolf’s original students and approved teachers. I was able to study under Emmett Hutchins, one of Dr. Rolf’s original students and world renowned practitioner – among other very talented teachers. I have also had the privilege to learn from my father, David MacDonald – Advanced Certified Rolfer practicing for over 25 years. I am thrilled to be able to practice independently in Reno in my family’s healing center, Sanctity Center. We collectively offer Rolfing, Crystal Bed Therapy, and Reiki. Prior to joining the Guild, I spent three months in India studying Yoga. I hold a 500-hour yoga teaching certification (Yoga Alliance Approved). I hold a B.A in International Affairs from UNR. My Honors Thesis focused on Nonviolent political theory of social change. Structural Integration is a passion that leads me to continuously strive to improve. I have currently earned an approximate 350 hours of continuing education over the course of several workshops offered by the Guild for Structural Integration. These workshops have focused on the practical application of Structural Integration sessions as well as anatomical principles in both classroom and cadaver/dissection lab settings. My intention is to share Dr. Rolf’s work as she originally intended. It is a privilege to be able to share this work with you. I look forward to discussing how Structural Integration can be a part of your health and wellbeing goals.
Ossian McDonald