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Deciding to work with Ossian was one of the best decisions of my life. I didn’t know my body could feel so good. It did help me achieve my goals. I feel more connected to my body. I have found that I am more balanced and at ease. After every session, I felt lighter and more at ease. Also, at the end of each session, I felt as though I received another piece of the puzzle that is my body. I felt as though I walked out with more answers as to how my body should feel and the direction of the path that I was on. Everything about my yoga practice has improved. My strength, my flexibility, my mental clarity, my breath, everything. I had a bike race in the midst of my 10 sessions and found that my cycling practice – my endurance, my longevity, even the ease of peddling – all improved. I think if anyone is serious about caring for their bodies and are invested in creating a sustainable lifestyle that is going to allow for improved quality of life, throughout their life, then Rolfing is for you. Ossian is brilliant. He explained each session to me, without over-explaining or over-complicating the process, and was available for support throughout my journey. He read my body and as we continued to work together he could intuitively discern what it is that I needed. He was gentle, yet firm, and always made sure to keep checking in with me to make sure that my experience was the best that it could be.
Christopher Daniels

When began Structural Integration with Ossian, I was hoping to achieve an emotional mind body connection. Releasing the restrictions of my physical body gave me greater and easier freedom of movement. This in turn helped me to understand how my emotions are aiding or constricting my physical body. My favorite sessions are working with the hips, legs and feet. The freedom and ease of movement was nothing short of amazing. I had no idea how tight and restricted these areas were, until I gained easy, unencumbered movement in walking and bending. My job has some physical components, so I use less physical energy to achieve the same results, which means I now have more energy. I am able to perform my job with ease, I can now do more than my co-workers who are younger than me. When performing any physical task I now think about my physical structure and how best to approach the work. Also, when I am not doing well emotionally I think about my body alignment and structure. I see a direct connection between my physical alignment and structure and my emotional well being. I have recommended Ossian’s work to others. Ossian is an amazing person, who has the gift of healing. He also articulates clearly and simply the concepts of Structural Integration and their benefits.

Annette McKissick

Ossian you get a 10 plus.  I have been looking for a Rolfer of your style since the mid Seventies.  A Rolfer with traditional techniques and unique intuition .  I have been to 12 different Rolfers since the seventies and no one has Old Sole Hands as you do, it is a gift.  You were right, going though a full 10 sessions was exactly what this old 65 plus guy needed.  I will be coming back for tune ups; I hope ito ski into my Eighties.  I know if I need more, I just need to ask; Go Deeper!
Mike Layhee

I didn’t have a lot of experience with Rolfing and friends and family were warning me — oh I’ve heard it’s really painful — all without having any direct experience! However, I was pleasantly surprised by the effectiveness of the Rolfing in a way that was respectful and responsive to my personal levels, as well as the communication that Ossian offered throughout the sessions. I felt completely comfortable and at ease and afterwards felt like I grew 5 inches! Highly recommend Rolfing but even more I recommend Ossian!!!
Chanda Beck