Structural Integration is a bodywork modality pioneered by biochemist Ida P. Rolf, Ph.d. Structural Integration aims to enhance health by better organizing the human body as it relates to the field of gravity.

Structural Integration deals primarily with a form of connective tissue known as fascia. This substance forms a ‘web’ coextensive with the majority of our body, and is a major factor our body’s posture and movement patterns. Fascia also serves to separate our body into layers and separate muscle bundles.

The fascial web can become compromised through stress, injury, and the rigors of daily life. When this happens, the entire human structure is forced to accommodate the strain.

Ossian with patient
The practice of rolfing

Over time, the movement and postural patterns of such accommodation become entrenched. The result is a discomfort and lack of ease, as one’s body is forced to fight the constant pull of the Earth’s gravity.

A practitioner of Structural Integration looks at your entire system to determine how best to help your structure regain it’s natural order. We then free adhesions within your fascial network to bring better order and balance.

Dr. Rolf designed a proprietary process of 10 sessions to bring your body into ideal order. I recommend starting with 1 or 3 sessions to see if the work is right for you.

A wide variety of populations may benefit from Structural Integration. Many clients who suffered from chronic pain have reported marked, or complete, relief of their symptoms. Athletes have reported greater control and awareness in their sport. (Professional athletes in various sports utilize Structural Integration as part of their training regime). Many clients also report a report a new sense of ease within their body as a result of this work.

Client Before and After 10-Series

Introduction to Rolfing

Ida Rolf explains the Rolf Method

Client Before and After 10-Series

Rolfing Before and After